17 Best Proxy Sites in 2024, According To Experts

   By: Jayden Sprent
Updated February 17, 2024
Best Proxy Sites

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Are you looking for the best proxy sites to buy proxies? If the answer is " Yes", then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of proxy platforms available. But all are not good, and can't solve your problems exactly. Don't worry. I'm here for you.

My name is Jayden Sprent and has more years of experience in proxy and VPN industries. I've already researched and tested the most popular proxies sites. So, I want to share the best proxy sites from them here.

Let's choose the best one.

17 Best Proxy Sites Of 2024

The Best Proxy Site Video Review

Editor’s Favorite Proxy Site: Bright Data

Get complete, structured datasets you can trust

 Editor’s Favorite Proxy 

Bright data
  • Overview

  • Features

  • Plans & Pricing

  • Reasons to buy

  • Reason to avoid

Bright Data is one of the best proxy sites in this competitive world. It is an award-winning proxy network that provides ready-to-use databases, powerful web scrapers, etc. Also, it can turn any website into structured data.

Here, you will get suitable datasets as per your requirements. More fascinating that it provides you with a customized dataset only when you can not find the data you need. Furthermore, Bright Data is ideally suited to any kind of tool.

Besides, Bright Data proxy platform can be fitted into many cases such as eCommerce, SERP & SEO, Ad Tech, Healthcare, etc. To cope with this competitive online market, you must be one step ahead of your competitors. Undoubtedly, using this proxy site can pave the way to success.

So, take a Bright data proxy site and enjoy the advantages like over 72 million IPs, the best technology, targeting any country and city, and so on.

Best Proxy Site Overall: Netnut

Transform any website into structured data with the industry-leading residential proxy network

 Best Proxy Site Overall

Netnut Proxy Website
  • Overview

  • Features

  • Plans & Pricing

  • Reasons to buy

  • Reasons To Avoid

Netnut is one of the best proxy solutions. This proxy site plays a leading role in collecting, analyzing, and extracting web data, keeping your identity hidden. With Netnut, you can work around geo-blocked content without getting blocked.

Only the Netnut proxy site gives you the fastest, most reliable, affordable residential proxies. Moreover, it provides super customer support with one-hop connectivity, auto-rotation, and access to any web or search engine.

Besides, Netnut has developed four types of products: rotating residential proxies, static residential proxies, mobile IPs, and datacenter proxies. These products help you to browse online seamlessly and protect your business thoroughly.

All in all, you can collect web data quickly and use them for various purposes. Also, this proxy site keeps you one step ahead of your competitors and gives you valuable insights at a meager price.

Best Proxy Site for SERP & SEO: Nimbleway

Bypass blocks and georestrictions with AI-optimized, modern residential proxies that work perfectly

 Best Proxy Site for SERP & SEO

Nimbleway proxi site
  • overview

  • Features

  • Plans & Pricing

  • Reasons To Buy

  • Reason to avoid

NimbleWay is the first proxy platform to use AI and ML for better success on every request. It provides premium proxies that convey data effortlessly. Moreover, Nimbleway has a dynamic infrastructure that is adjusted with any project size.

Also, its excellent performance minimizes the cost and saves time.
Nimbleway enables you to experience the premium quality and best infrastructure.

With this proxy site, you can access any data you need. Also, it provides you with a large pool of peers. Undoubtedly, you will get top-notch performance.

Besides, you can monitor your data collection projects with its advanced dashboard.

In fact, with Nimbleway, anyone can create or modify a pipeline without writing anything. It makes the thing super comprehensive and accessible.

You can only understand my words once you start using this proxy site. Nimbleway allows you to gather any public data you need so smoothly. So, hurry up and take advantage of the Nimbleway proxy site.

Best Web Scraping Proxy Site: Smartproxy

Quality data collection infrastructure for virtually every use case.

Web Scraping Proxy Site

smartproxi site
  • Overview

  • Features

  • Plans & Pricing

  • Reasons To Buy

  • Reason to avoid

Smartproxy is one of the fastest and best proxy sites. Here, you will get 55+ million residential IPs that are ethically sourced.

Also, you can start using it from $4/GB. Furthermore, Smartproxy will give you unbeatable reliability.

Moreover, Smartproxy provides residential proxies that are from real devices. So, do not worry about getting banned or blocked. With this proxy, you will get the quickest response in 0.6 seconds.

Also, it keeps your identity hidden from the target server by routing your requests via proxy servers.

Besides, Smartproxy can be used for many cases, such as web scraping, ad verification, multi-accounting, etc.

Also, it provides real IPs from 195+ locations worldwide. On top of that, you will get HTTP and SOCKS5 protocol support and the fastest response.

Smartproxy provides you with unlimited connections and threads. Surprisingly, you can have all the facilities from Smartproxy at a very low rate. So, hurry up and take your plan from Smartproxy lest you are late.

   Buy SmartProxi  With Special Discount - Up To 39% Off

Best Web Crawler Proxy Site: Oxylabs

Get Data From Any Website With Web Scraper API

 Best Web Crawler Proxy Site

oxylabs Residential Proxi
  • Overview

  • Features

  • Plans & Pricing

  • Reasons to buy

  • Reason to avoid

Oxylabs is an excellent proxy site that enables you to scrape data smoothly without getting blocked. It provides you with 100M+ residential IPs and super fast response within 0.6s. Also, you can overcome geo-location blocks with its huge worldwide coverage.

Oxylabs is considered one of the most trustworthy proxy sites. It gives you a smooth experience when you start working with it. Moreover, its huge residential proxies enable you to power your web scraping project.

Besides, you will be glad that Oxylabs offers free management tools for the Chrome browser and Android devices. Also, it lets you collect information as an organic user.

With Oxylabs’ dashboard, you can even manage your data usage.
You can try the Oxylabs proxy site for your business without hesitation. No other proxy site is as simple and hassle-free as Oxylabs.

Best Market Research Proxy: InstantProxies

Test our proxies for your purpose now!

 Best Market Research Proxy Site

Instant proxi site
  • Overview

  • Special key features

  • Pricing and plans

  • Reason to buy

  • Reason to avoid

InstantProxy is one of the most dedicated private proxy service providers. This proxy site supports HTTP proxies that enable you to browse by hiding your identity from major web browsers. Also, you can post high-volume content from proxy supporting automation tool.

Moreover, InstantProxy can be used in many ways, like general browsing activities. You can use it for scraping Amazon sites.

This site also works perfectly with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. You can easily do your social management with it.

Besides, you never have to wait days to get delivered with InstantProxy. It provides instant setup for its customers. If any problem arises, you will have an instant response. Also, it gives you a 99%+ uptime guarantee.

So, try this proxy site out for your business and enjoy its advanced private service.

Try InstantProxies Free Now

Best Cheap Proxy Site: ProxyCheap

Affordable proxy solutions to obtain data and circumvent restrictions while operating at scale

 Best Market Research Proxy Site

Proxy cheap site
  • Overview

  • Features

  • Plans & Pricing

  • Reason to buy

  • Reason to avoid

Proxy-cheap proxy site is the perfect and affordable online security and anonymity solution. It enables you to unlock the web with the unlimited ISP proxies.

Moreover, it provides static residential proxies with a huge pool of over 1 million residential ISP IPs worldwide. This will help you to gain rapid success in your business.

With its static datacenter proxy service, you can enjoy the most dynamic and versatile datacenter proxies that combine speed and stability.

Also, Proxy-cheap enables you to operate any difficult task without being hassled with its IPv4 & IPv6 protocols.

Moreover, by using the super-fast, wide, and stable rotating residential proxy network, you can overcome any obstacle while accessing any geo-dynamic content. On top of that, its mobile proxy service will help you to accomplish any challenging task.

Overall, Proxy-cheap is very beneficial for any company. You can use this in several ways like SEO utility, sales & e-commerce, data scraping, etc. So, take this most affordable site for your business.

Buy Proxies from Proxy-Cheap With Discount

Easy Management Proxy Site: ProxySeller

Social media, SEO scraping, online gaming, website unblocking, and many other purposes

 Best Market Research Proxy Site

  • Overview

  • Features

  • Pricing and plans

  • Reasons to buy

  • Reason to avoid

Proxy-seller is an excellent and cheap proxy site in the market. Here, you buy private Socks5 & HTTP proxies for social media, SEO scraping, website unblocking, etc.

Besides, it offers a huge range of proxies such as datacenter IPv4, ISP proxy, residential proxies, etc.

Also, Proxy-seller is the quickest and most trustworthy proxy provider with a 1 Gbps high-speed channel. It gives you a smooth connection and minimal latency.

With Proxy-seller, you can do various tasks such as SEO, promotion & multi-account creation, advertising, etc.

Because of its multi-tasking efficient performance, it has upheld its dignity for nine years with 5,00,000 satisfied customers.

Moreover, Proxy-sellers offer a variety of payment methods, such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, etc. You can withdraw your money using these methods.

Eventually, a proxy seller is the most comprehensive proxy site to start at a cheap rate. So, take it for your business and see the results.

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Social Media Marketing Proxy Site: Lunaproxy

Best price on the market residential proxies

 Social Media Marketing Proxy Site

lunaproxy residential Proxy
  • Overview

  • Features

  • Pricing and plans

  • Reason to buy

  • Reason to avoid

Lunaproxy is a residential proxy service provider that is renowned for its best price in the market. This proxy site has five proxies:

Dynamic residential proxy, Rotating ISP proxy, Unlimited residential proxy, Static residential proxy, and Datacenter proxy. Each proxy serves you differently.

Besides, Lunaproxy helps you to gather public data from any country or city-level location around the globe.

Also, you can use its 200M+ residential proxies to add the best value to your business.

Moreover, this proxy website introduces advanced features that prevent you from being banned. It is the perfect solution to any obstacles.

Furthermore, whenever you have any problem, feel free to call them. Their dedicated account manager or team is always ready to help you.

You can use Lunaproxy in many cases, such as ad verification, market surveys, travel, etc., at a very low price. So, take this proxy site for a better experience.

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Best Data Security Proxy Site: Squid Proxy

Enterprise-grade proxies for corporate and personal use.

 Best Data Security Proxy Site

Squid Proxies site
  • Overview

Squid Proxy is an incredible web proxy site supporting HTTP, HTTP, FTP, etc. It helps you to do your task very fast. Squid proxy minimizes bandwidth and improves response times by reusing frequently-requested web pages.

Besides, Squid proxy is licensed under the GNU GPL. It provides great support to access web pages. That’s why many internet providers use it.

You will be grateful to Squidproxy as it enables you to deliver very fast by reducing server load. As a result, you can gain more customer satisfaction.

Moreover, with Squid Proxy, you can deliver content from around the world. Surprisingly, you can build content clusters by using its advanced content routing configuration.

It also has extensive access controls and makes a great server accelerator.

You can use this proxy site if you want unrestricted access to web pages worldwide. It is a very beneficial proxy service provider that can bring success to your business.

Claim Your Proxy Plan From Squidproxies Free Or Paid

Static Mobile Proxy Site: Hydraproxy

Residential & mobile proxy networks with granular control

 Static Mobile Proxy Site

HydraProxy site
  • Overview

  • Features

  • Pricing and plans

  • Reason to buy

  • Reason to avoid

Hydraproxy is another speedy proxy site. It provides unlimited internet service and residential and 4G proxy networks with granular control.

Also, it gives high-quality as well as undetectable proxies for sensitive applications such as static mobile proxy, global residential proxy, and US 4G mobile proxy.

You will be facilitated to know that Hydraproxy gives you access as much as you need. Moreover, it does not require any monthly commitment or hidden charge. You can customize the packages for using the proxies.

Hydraproxy is very comprehensive to set up. You do not need any account approval.

Start using these proxy networks within minutes. It is an auto-operating process that makes your task more hassle-free.

Besides, you can use these proxy networks for market research, account management, paid surveys, website and ad testing, etc. So, get your proxy now without further delay or hesitation.

Buy Residential Proxies from HydraProxy

Best Budget Friendly Proxy Site: Hide Me

Take Back Your Online Freedom

 Best Budget Friendly Proxy Site

Hide Me Proxy Site

Hideme Residential Proxi
  • Overview

  • Features

  • Pricing and plans

  • Reason to buy

  • Reason to avoid

Hide.me is a VPN proxy server that builds up a correlation between you and the website you want to browse. It is a free proxy site that helps you to release the blocked website.

Also, you can have access to any website with this proxy site.
Besides, Hide.me proxy server has been serving the market since 2012 with the dignity of maintaining a privacy policy.

So, you do not have to worry about security or privacy once you start working with it. This site also supports all types of protocols like SSTP, SOCKS, OpenVPN, etc.

Moreover, hide.me is getting more popular day by day for its simplicity and support for different devices like Windows, Mac, Smartphones, etc.

This site is hassle-free to set up as all BitTorrent clients support it. Set up your device using one of its guides in a minute.

Therefore, choose this free proxy site without any hesitation. It is a very trustworthy proxy site.

Best Content Scraping Proxy Site: Whoer

 Best Content Scraping Proxy Site

Whoer Proxy Site

Residential Proxi WhoerProxi
  • Overview

  • Features

  • Price and plans

  • Reason to buy

  • Reason to avoid

Whoer Free online anonymizer is a quick and safe web proxy site. It enables you to change your IP address and unblock any website. Also, you will be able to keep your identity hidden with Whoer.

You can select any country you want as it offers servers in many countries.

Besides, you can download the anonymizer by following three simple steps. This anonymizer enables you to get an anonymous and stable connection from your browser without any hassle.

Whoer’s premium anonymizer provides boundless connection speed so you can connect swiftly with the servers in the desired country. Both premium and free versions do not track the user actions. Thus, no one can monitor your online activities.

You may face many difficulties in accessing your desired website due to access blocking. Whoer can remove all the difficulties and allows you to enter any website without geographical restrictions.

Moreover, you can access any desired online services using any of your devices. Therefore, choose this free online proxy site and grab all the facilities it provides.

Get Whoer Special Discount and Free Trail.

Best Secure Proxy Site: FreeVPNplanet

100% free VPN service with no traffic, bandwidth or time limit. Just install and connect - no registration or personal data required.

 Best Secure Proxy Site

FreeVPNplanet Site

freevpnplanet Proxi
  • Overview

  • features

  • Plans & Pricing

  • Reason to buy

  • Reason to avoid

FreeVPNplanet is another free proxy site that provides 100% free VPN service with zero traffic and unlimited bandwidth as well as time. It is a very safe and secure proxy site. Also, it does not require any personal data or registration.

Moreover, you will get unlimited access to any content from anywhere you want. Forget about GEO-blocks or internet censorship. It allows you to enjoy videos, music streaming websites, sports events, etc. by keeping your identity hidden and safe.

FreeVPNplanet also provides safety at the time of using public Wi-Fi networks. It helps to keep your online activities secure so that hackers can not steal your personal information. With this VPN, your traffic is encrypted and routed through a private network.

You can install this VPN on any device like a Windows PC, Mac OS, smartphone, or Android operating system. It is super fast and secure. So feel free to choose this site.

Best Rotating Residential Proxy Site: Proxysite

 Best Rotating Residential Proxy Site

Proxysite Website

  • Overview

  • Features

  • Price and plans

  • Reason to buy

  • Reason to avoid

Proxysite is an amazing website that acts as a medium between you and the internet. It is another best free web proxy sites. You can keep your online activities hidden with the help of Proxysite.

Also, it gives you access to restricted, blockers, or even unavailable websites.

Besides, it has a gigabyte network that enables you to monitor web pages fast. Also, you can stream high-speed videos as it is optimized for video-sharing websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.

With its Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, you can keep your surfing safe.

If you are unable to enter your favorite sites like Facebook due to restrictions or block, you can enter through Proxysite and continue chatting and sharing with your friends anytime.

Moreover, this proxy site enables you to check the online activities of others anonymously on Facebook.

Furthermore, it connects you globally from anywhere you want. Proxysite brings people together and thus it gathers important information worldwide.

So, choose this proxy site to get connected globally and collect information that is useful for your business.

Ultra Residential Proxy Site: MarsProxies

No frills proxy service for small and medium sized business and personal projects. All the essential features at a money-saving pricing. The everyday choice.

 Best Rotating Residential Proxy Site

Marsproxies Site

marsproxies Residential Proxi
  • Overview

  • Features

  • Price and plans

  • Reason to buy

  • Reason to avoids

Marsproxies provides premium-level industry-leading proxies. This proxy site removes all the bindings such as no geo-restriction, no CAPTCHAs, etc.

You will get access to any website you want. Also, it is a very cost-effective site that doesn’t allow you to expense unnecessarily.

 Besides, Marsproxies ensures you provide the best proxy in the market. As they test each proxy to get the top performance.

Also, you will get random IPs for sticky sessions or requests to collect data from anywhere.

Moreover, this proxy site provides two types of proxies; Shopping proxies and Sneaker proxies. You must be facing problems ordering online essential products due to its limitations of geo-restrictions, anti-bot software, etc.

 Marsproxies’ shopping proxies are the best solution for that. On the other hand, its sneaker proxies allow you to access multiple IP addresses in various locations.
Considering all these positive factors, choose this proxy site for your business.

You can use it for many purposes such as market research, social media, website testing, etc.

Website Testing Proxy Site: Scraperapi

ScraperAPI handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs, so you can get the HTML from any web page with a simple API call!

 Website Testing Proxy Site

scraperapi Proxi
  • Overview

  • Features

  • Price and plans

  • Reason to buy

  • Reason to avoid

ScraperAPI is the best solution to make simple and easy web scraping. It manages proxies, browsers as well as CAPTCHAs. Therefore, with a simple API call, you can have the HTML from any web page.

Unlike other proxy sites, ScraperAPI makes proxies so smooth that you do not have to worry about rotating IP addresses. It takes all the responsibility to keep you free from blocking or restriction.

Moreover, ScraperAPI works very fast. It provides unlimited bandwidth and prunes slow proxies with high speed.

Also, you get the required scale be it 10 or 100 pages. With this proxy, you can even customize as per your need so easily.

So, try this proxy site and have all the facilities it provides.

Get Started With Scraperapi Residential Proxy 7-Day Free Trail

Frequently Ask & Questions

What is a Proxy site?

A proxy site is a website that plays a vital role as a medium between you and the internet. With proxy sites, you will be able to get access to any website be it restricted, blocked, or sometimes unavailable.

Moreover, a proxy site helps to keep your online presence hidden by routing your web traffic through an IP address. Therefore, hackers or the government will not be able to track you. A proxy site is the best way to maintain your privacy.
Even if you are unable to enter your Facebook account due to restrictions from your location, do not worry. A proxy site never lets you down. You can continue chatting or file sharing with your friends via Proxysite.com.

Which proxy site is best?

There are several proxy sites available in the market. Some are paid and some are free. Pain proxy sites provide some exclusive services. Free proxy sites are not bad. They also have criteria that benefit their users.

BrightData, Netnut, Nimbleway, Smartproxy, etc. are the paid proxy sites with premium features. These proxies are mostly used for commercial cases.

On the other hand, Hideme, FreeVPNplanet, Proxysite, Whoer, etc. are the free proxy site.

Though free proxy sites lack advanced features, these proxies are the best option for those who want to change their IP address to access geo-blocked content.

It is difficult to mention one name of proxy as they all are very marvelous. So, you have to choose which one is best for your requirements and budget.

How can I get a free proxy?

There are numerous sites available in the online market that provide free proxy services. Such as Hideme, Proxysite, Whoer, FreeVPNplanet, etc. All of them provide some great features such as speed, locations, privacy, and more.

Visit each of the websites and read them thoroughly. Then, try to match your requirements and budget. Eventually, you will get the proxy you want.

Copy the proxy IP address along with the port number and use it in your browser.

What is the best free proxy site?

There are hundreds of free proxy sites available in the market. Now, it is a matter of concern whether all of them are safe or not.

To find this out, you have to be meticulous in choosing the perfect one after considering some crucial points like speed, anonymity, locations, and more.

Free proxy sites help you to hide your identity by changing your IP address and keeping it away from the eyes of hackers, government, ISPs, etc. so that they can not track you. All the free proxy sites are not safe.

Here are some of the free proxy sites that can be beneficial and taken into consideration: Hide.me, Proxysite, FreeVPNplanet, Whoer, etc. These will provide you full privacy with great speed. Also, they are very comprehensive and easy to set up.

Are Proxy Servers illegal?

Proxy servers are not illegal. In many countries including Bangladesh, proxy servers are widely used for many reasons. They act as a medium between you and the internet.

Proxy servers give full privacy by routing your IP address. Also, they allow you to get access to any restricted or blocked website you want.

Nevertheless, Proxy servers are not guaranteed safety. They have some demerits too. For this reason, proxy servers are not allowed in China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran.

Therefore, if you are concerned about 100% safety, you better choose a VPN instead of a Proxy server.

Is a VPN better than a Proxy?

Before the final verdict, let’s check what both of them do in terms of some crucial factors-

Purpose: Though both VPN and Proxy’s main purpose is to give you privacy, VPN is more powerful as it provides privacy by routing your traffic through a remote server and encrypting your traffic.

Seed: Proxy works very fast as it does not encrypt your data. Whereas, a VPN is more secure as it encrypts all your data and gives you proper online privacy.

Anonymity: As like proxy, a VPN also hides your identity at the time of connecting to the server and replaces it with the IP address. Unlike a proxy, a VPN will redirect your internet data via an encrypted tunnel. Thus, it keeps your data more secure.

Features: VPN not only provides more safety and security but also offers more advanced features than a proxy.

So. it is now stated that a VPN is far better than a Proxy in terms of getting more online security and privacy.

What is the best free proxy site?

There are hundreds of free proxy sites available in the market. Now, it is a matter of concern whether all of them are safe or not.

To find this out, you have to be meticulous in choosing the perfect one after considering some crucial points like speed, anonymity, locations, and more.

Free proxy sites help you to hide your identity by changing your IP address and keeping it away from the eyes of hackers, government, ISPs, etc. so that they can not track you. All the free proxy sites are not safe.

Here are some of the free proxy sites that can be beneficial and taken into consideration: Hide.me, Proxysite, FreeVPNplanet, Whoer, etc. These will provide you full privacy with great speed. Also, they are very comprehensive and easy to set up.


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