Bright Data Proxy Review 2024: Is it Safe?

   By: Husain Parvez
Updated July 10, 2023

Maintaining privacy and protecting personal data online is more important than ever in today's connected world. Internet users always experiment with various common options to accomplish this goal through Proxy and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). Although VPNs are becoming more common, their performance often falls short compared to the available sophisticated and paid proxy services.

Bright Data Proxy is one such service that has become well-known for its excellent features and dependable performance. Through this review, we try to provide an unbiased evaluation by extensively examining it for individuals considering it.

As a reader, it's your turn to analyze all the details and decide whether Bright Data Proxy is the best option for your online privacy requirements.

So without any further ado, let's get started with the comprehensive Bright Data Proxy review.

What is Bright Data Proxy?

Bright Data Proxy, formerly known as Luminati until 2021, is an emerging proxy service that has received much positive attention. Through Bright Data Proxy, companies and individuals get to see the internet from the perspective of certain users from all over the worldwide network platform.

Featuring an extensive network, which includes millions of IP addresses, it helps users to deal with and work on many factors like market research, ad verification, etc, while being anonymous.

What does Bright Data Proxy Offer?

For different users and their requirements, Bright Data Proxy provides multiple proxies. These wide varieties of proxies aim to match your needs, ranging from mobile and ISP proxies to residential and data center proxies. Let's check out what each proxy service offer.

Bright Data's Residential Proxies

During our testing, we found that Bright Data proxy offers one of the most robust and comprehensive residential proxy networks globally. While we tested the Bright Data proxies, one of the significant highlights was the unlimited scaling and customizing possibilities they offer. You can tailor your requirements to target any specific city or country worldwide.

This broad-spectrum flexibility gives Bright Data a competitive edge in the industry, a factor worth considering while evaluating different proxies. The success rate is a crucial aspect that can't be overlooked in any proxy network, and Bright Data did not disappoint either.

Additionally, Uptime and real-time network status are paramount for seamless operations, and Bright Data understands this well. The additional feature -free Proxies Manager can speed up your project notably. Also, you can setup residential proxies on Bright Data easily.  This inclusion can be a game-changer, especially if you work on multiple projects and require an efficient system to manage your proxies.

Last but certainly not least, data privacy is a critical concern for all internet users. Bright Data's privacy practices comply with GDPR and CCPA, providing users with an extra layer of security and assurance.

Proxy Servers:

During our extensive testing phase, we experienced first-hand what Bright Data proxy offers. One of the core components of their offering, which stood out to us, was the ISP Proxies. ISP proxies are integral to ensure efficient data scraping and are usually preferred due to their reliability and stability.

We explored Bright Data proxies and observed that the company manages multiple super proxy servers worldwide. With over 3,000 Super Proxy Servers stationed close to peers across the globe, we noticed a distinct speed advantage while we tested them.

From our perspective, the expansive nature and scope of Bright Data's super proxy server network ensure efficient traffic ratios, high redundancy levels, and a network robust enough to handle considerable traffic fluctuations.

The real test of any proxy service is its reliability and access to websites from anywhere in the world. This contributes to making your data collection consistent and super fast, regardless of where you are.

A significant feature that caught our attention during our testing was the ability to change locations as often as needed. This flexibility and the capacity to target any country, city, carrier, and ASN globally gives Bright Data proxies a competitive edge.

Lastly, we appreciate that all of the IPs used by Bright Data are 100% ethically sourced. This point is crucial for maintaining the safety and integrity of your data collection process.

Datacenter Proxies:

Bright Data's Datacenter Proxies

Bright Data offers an impressive selection of over 770,000 Datacenter IPs, which outstrips many other providers. During our testing, we found that these proxies provided us with excellent performance and high levels of security.

These Datacenter proxies from Bright Data are especially beneficial for engineers, thanks to their enterprise-grade scaling and best-in-class performance. We could see why the Bright Data proxy network is the world's most popular, with a massive platform of over 72+ million IPs from 195 countries. We observed remarkable reliability during testing, with 99.99% network uptime.

While we tested, one of the standout features we noted was Bright Data's ability to bypass website blockades anywhere in the world. Hence, Bright Data proxies ensure uninterrupted, seamless browsing no matter where you're operating from.

Another significant factor in Bright Data's appeal is its customization options. The company offers practically unlimited scale and customizing possibilities. You can customize your proxy needs from any city or country worldwide, giving you full control over your browsing and networking experience.

However, the feather in Bright Data's cap has to be its impressive success rates. With 99.9%, Bright Data has arguably the highest success rates of any IP provider we've reviewed.

ISP Proxies:

Bright Data's ISP Proxies

During our testing, the first thing we noticed about Bright Data's ISP proxies was the wide geographical coverage they offer. In a world where online content is increasingly being geo-restricted, this feature allows you to unlock and access websites from virtually any corner of the world.

While we tested Bright Data ISP proxies, we found they have the fastest and most stable proxy pool in the market and are also 100% compliant. Also, we discovered that Bright Data's ISP Proxy pool is ethically sourced and shared within a peer resource-sharing community.

This means that when you use Bright Data proxies, you are accessing a shared and maintained network by real users, resulting in a highly resilient and diverse proxy network.

A significant feature we found beneficial during our Bright Data Proxy testing was maintaining long sessions using the same IP address. For data collection, this is vital, as it helps avoid data inconsistencies that can occur due to frequently changing IP addresses.

The best ISP proxies should also ensure access, security, and dependability. Bright Data shows dedication to safeguarding your online reputation. Because of its commitment to ethical sourcing and compliance, you are safe from potential legal consequences by using its proxies to gather data that is trustworthy and obtained legally.

Mobile Proxies:

Bright Data's Mobile Proxies

During our testing, we found that Bright Data boasts arguably one of the industry's largest and fastest 3G/4G/5G mobile proxy networks. Bright Data proxies allow you to surf the web as a regular mobile user from virtually any location.

One feature that stood out during our testing is the ability to target any country, city, zip code, carrier, and ASN. This degree of customization is rarely seen and could be a game-changer for users needing to access geo-restricted content or conduct location-specific testing.

Another aspect that impressed us is Bright Data's incredible network uptime. With almost 99.99% uptime, you can be assured that your proxies will be available when you need them the most.

Bright Data proxies also provide an unlimited scale, letting you customize your setup as much as you need, whether you want proxies from a specific city or multiple countries. The possibilities are almost endless.

Bright Data claims it has the highest success rate of any IP provider at 99.9%, and we also felt it during our testing. This means that most connections using Bright Data proxies are successful, reducing the chance of disruptions in your work or research.

Bright Data Proxy Exclusive Features

Alongside the proxy, Bright Data has provided additional extremely reliable and effective features. These features offer unparalleled capabilities for seamless data retrieval and analysis. Let us look into these and know about them in detail.

Web Unlocker:

Bright Data's Web Unlocker

While exploring Bright Data's products, we have come across the Web Unlocker feature and believe it is a remarkable asset for anyone looking to overcome digital barriers.

Our Bright Data Proxy review wouldn't be complete without acknowledging how this feature effectively bypasses CAPTCHAs, blocks, and restrictions, creating a seamless browsing experience.

During our testing, we were thoroughly impressed by how the Web Unlocker could fully emulate a real user, which significantly reduced the occurrence of bot-detection mechanisms. This feature stands out because you only pay for successful requests, making it cost-effective.

The automated IP address rotation truly grabbed our attention while we tested Bright Data proxies. This function optimizes your browsing efficiency and identifies and avoids honeypot traps. Thus, you can maintain your online activities without any unnecessary disruptions.

Scraping Browser:

Bright Data's Scraping Browser

During our testing, we found the Scraping Browser to be an efficient tool that combines the robustness of Bright Data's top-performing Web Unlocker with the convenience of having your browser automation API. The built-in automated unlocking capability is a game-changer, allowing you to access websites at scale without the fear of being blocked.

While we tested, the integration with Puppeteer and PlayWright was seamless, providing us with an effortless way to manage as many browser sessions as needed. The tool also promises efficient CAPTCHA solving, intricate browser fingerprinting, and a well-structured proxy management system.

The most striking feature of Bright Data's Scraping Browser is its scalability. It stands out in its ability to perform on-demand and handle as many browser sessions as you need without being blocked. This feature is a crucial time-saver for businesses that need to manage high volumes of data.


Bright Data's SERP API

During our testing, Bright Data's SERP API was exceptional, as we could easily harvest data from top-tier search engines without worrying about being blocked, thanks to its advanced unblocking technology. For us, one of Bright Data proxy's biggest advantages was its cost efficiency, and you only need to pay for successful requests.

Regarding speed, we were amazed at the extremely fast response time that Bright Data proxies offered. The feature that allows different location parameters to target a suitable peer automatically is another cherry on top, proving highly advantageous for location-specific data needs.

The tool's search accuracy was significantly improved using various devices and search types. We are happy with Bright Data's SERP API, considering its outstanding flexibility and cost-effectiveness, deserving a special mention.

How to Use Bright Data Proxy?

If you're new to Bright Data Proxy, you must be wondering how to set up Proxy for the first time. For this purpose, Bright Data has provided an intuitive interface and text explaining each step.

Note: For your understanding, we have considered setting up Residential Proxies as an example. Check out Bright Data Proxy's YouTube channel if you need a detailed explanation,

Setting Up Residential Proxy:

1.  After successfully logging in to Bright Data Proxy, you are greeted with the "Proxies & Scraping Infrastructure" window.  

2.  Click the "Add" button in the top right corner to start setting up a Proxy. From the drop-down, select Proxy of your choice.

Proxies & Scraping Infrastructure

3.   Create a solution name and set the IP Type and Geolocation targeting. The price increases significantly if you have selected Dedicated or included many countries.

proxy adding

4.  Once you're done selecting everything, you can choose how to access the residential proxy. If you have set "Full Access," it leads to verification, which can take up to two days to finish.

Residential Proxies access

5. After finalizing the access type, you can access the residential network by installing the certificate. Select the Operating system and follow the on-screen instruction provided.

Residential Proxies 2

Pricing and Availability

Compared to competitors, Bright Data Proxies' pricing is quite decent and provides great value. In this Bright Data Proxy review, we've outlined the pricing of their different offerings in a simplified manner for your convenience.

The Residential Proxies are priced at $15 per GB, a competitive rate for accessing such a broad and reliable pool of IPs. ISP Proxies and Data Center proxies vary depending on the IP type, with rates of $18.75/GB and $0.60/GB under the pay-per-usage model.

Mobile proxies, another product in Bright Data's lineup, come at $40/GB for the shared option. Dedicated pricing, on the other hand, varies based on the number of IP groups.

For the Scraping Browser, you're looking at a session cost of $0.10 per hour and a traffic cost of $20/GB. The Web Unlocker and SERP API come with a monthly cost of $3/CPM.

We're extremely happy with the flexibility offered by Bright Data Proxy's pricing model. It caters to various needs and budgets, making it a versatile choice in the proxy market.

What Could Be Better?

While Bright Data proxy provides exceptional features and value, no tool is perfect, and it's important to note that Bright Data has its fair share of limitations.

  • The complex UI may create a steep learning curve for some users, especially those new to proxy services.
  • Despite the competitive cost, pricing may be a little high for small enterprises or individual users.
  • Some users might prefer a more straightforward pricing scheme than the existing pay-per-usage arrangement.
  • Response times from customer service should be improved.
  • The manuals and tutorials are comprehensive. However, they might be more in-depth for complicated processes.

Final Thoughts

According to our evaluation and comprehensive testing, Bright Data proxy distinguishes out in the crowded proxy industry as likely one of the best Proxy providers. Given its extensive selection of proxy options and unique features like the Web Unlocker and Scraping Browser, it is a flexible and reliable alternative for customers with various demands.

Even though it may need improvement, Bright Data's dedication to data privacy, high success rate, and unmatched network uptime make it a trustworthy option. Bright Data may be a fantastic tool for protecting online privacy and gaining access to extensive web data, whether you're an individual, small business, or major enterprise.

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