12 Best Facebook Auto Poster Software And Tools Review 2024

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated April 18, 2023

Do you want the best Facebook Auto poster Software for your business? Let's discuss about it details. 

That is to say, everything is going to be online based day by day. Moreover, business, official works, schooling, etc. are also online-based now. As a result, we have to do our work online. However, there are some advanced tools available to make our life more comfortable for social media marketing.

The Facebook auto poster tool is one of those advanced tools. If we can make Facebook marketing automation using a simple tool then we will safe a lot of times.  Meanwhile, it is pretty much difficult for us. That is to say, Facebook auto post software reduces these difficulties and makes our work easier. Due to many Facebook auto post software, it is difficult to choose the . Don’t worry. You’ll find the best one through my reviews of social media tools.

What is Facebook Auto Poster?

Facebook is the best social media to communicate and work worldwide. Moreover, we have to publish different posts, photos, videos, etc. on various pages, groups. Also, many people need to do these for their business purpose. They also have to maintain a schedule. 

Therefore, it is going to be worse for them to maintain and correctly do their work. On the other hand, Facebook auto poster software can correctly do your work and make your life more comfortable.

 After that, you can reduce your work pressure & grow faster than before. However, there are many Facebook auto poster software available. So, let’s check out the best Facebook auto poster 2024.
Facebook Auto Poster Software And Tools
Facebook auto poster software automatically publishes your posts, photos, and all other things on your schedule. Besides, it also can automatically publish on all your pages and groups. You need to correctly set up the post, time, and posting location.

Top 12 Best Facebook Auto Poster Software in 2024 

Here is the top picks for the best Facebook Auto Poster

Best Facebook Auto Poster Software SocialPilot Review

SocialPilot is the best Facebook auto poster software. In other words, it is known worldwide as the best social media marketing tool.

Firstly, SocialPilot provides a robust social media analytics control panel. Also, you can generate a social media report in just one click and share it anywhere. Besides, you can add all your social accounts in one place. There are no limitations.

However, you can post your updates on every social media together. You can also use the SocialPilot as a Facebook auto poster chrome extension.

SocialPilot is the first choice as a Facebook auto poster of all social media marketers. Meanwhile, beginners to experts are using it and are satisfied with its unique features. 

Besides, many digital marketing experts recommend SocialPilot, such as Neil Patel, Christopher Conlan, etc. However, you can invite your clients to this tool. In short, SocialPilot is the best tool to grow yourselves with their (24X5) customer support.  

Special Key Features

  • SocialPilot provides the most accessible and most comfortable control panel.
  • Schedule more than 500 posts for the next 24 hours.
  • Add and work more than 50 social media accounts.
  • Provide an advanced automation tool.
  • Monitor social media marketing performance.
  • Get a report of analyzed marketing performance reports.
  • Able to respond to all your page comments and messages from SocialPilot.
  • Boost your posts with a broad audience.

SocialPilot is one of the most affordable Facebook auto poster software. Above all, SocialPilot offers Facebook auto poster free trial for 14 days to enjoy its services. Moreover, you can also enjoy a custom plan from them.

They offer both monthly and yearly based three plans. However, every plan has some basic features, such as Bulk scheduling, Visual Editor via Mobile App, etc. So, let’s check the comparable features between them.

Plans and Pricing 

  • Professional (Monthly Plan-$30/month & Yearly Plan-$25/month):

    25 Social Media accounts. Two hundred posts per day, only web & social media analytics report, Two Facebook ad accounts, Three team members, and Five RSS feeds. 

  • Small Team (Monthly Plan-$50/month & Yearly Plan-$42.50/month):

    50 Social Media accounts. Five hundred posts per day, White Label PDF, web & social media analytics report, Five Facebook ad accounts, Five team members, and Ten RSS feed.
  • Agency (Monthly Plan-$100/month & Yearly Plan-$85/month): 

    100 Social Media accounts. One thousand posts per day, White Label PDF, web & social media analytics report, Ten Facebook ad accounts, Ten team members, and Twenty RSS feed
PostPartner for Facebook Auto Posting

There are thousands of auto poster software available around the world. However, PostPartner is the top Facebook auto poster group software. Because It saves thousands of valuable time. To Clarify, you don't have to worry about posting the contents. Just set a schedule on this software. 

After that, it will complete your daily work. Besides, it never misses the scheduled time of posting. Therefore, this will make your marketing secured and comfortable

Moreover, you can separate your group by category and audience wise. Also, you can check the insights and analytics of all posts.

Besides, you can set a repeat schedule, and also can connect many Facebook accounts. However, the PostPartner Facebook auto poster software follows and maintains social media rules.

So, you don’t need to worry about account safety. In other words, you can make Facebook marketing secure and grow yourself with the PostPartner Facebook auto poster. It also is the best Facebook Group Management Tools.

Special Key Features

  • Post Hundreds of Facebook group and page at the same time.
  • Also, can post unlimited contents
  • Separate your groups by category and audience.
  • Use verified Facebook apps for posting. So, you don't have to worry about a ban.
  • Set an unlimited schedule for posting.
  • Also, can create an auto-repeat schedule.
  • You can see insight on every post.
  • Added multiple Facebook accounts.

Plans and Pricing 

PostPartner is a paid software but the plans are totally low rate. So, everyone can afford this. The most interesting thing is, you have to purchase a plan for one time. To clarify, the PostPartner has no monthly charge.

Just pay for once and use this unlimited time. However, they offer a total of three flexible plans. So, let's have a look.

  • Monthly Payment ($29/m):

    Connect only one Facebook account, upload  photos, videos , text, and also a 24/7 support service.

  • Yearly Payment ( $289 ):
    You can use this plan to connect three different FB accounts, upload not only images but also videos. And also gives you 24/7 support.
Best Facebook Group Poster tool MaherPost Review

MaherPost is a great Facebook group auto poster tool. That is to say, it is a top-rated software nowadays. Because it makes people's Facebook marketing easier and profitable.

 However, you can do many things at the same time with it. You can set a schedule for your post. Besides, the content will post every group that you have joined at the scheduled time. Therefore, MaherPost Facebook Auto Poster automates your marketing and can boost your business.

On the other hand, MaherPost Facebook Auto Poster will give you a weekly report.

So, you can set a repeat post on groups. Besides, there is no risk to ban from Facebook. For instance, MaherPost uses a unique ID for each post, uses a spinner tool, and takes intervals to post.

 In short, It is working by following and maintaining every rule of Facebook. So, MaherPost is the most secure and best Facebook group auto poster.

Special Key Features

  • Most secure Facebook auto poster software.
  • Post your every joined group at the scheduled time.
  • Also, can post everything, such as massage/link/photos/videos
  • You can see a live preview of posts.
  • Also, can post to multiple accounts at a time.
  • Provide a weekly report.
  • User-friendly

Plans and Pricing

MaherPost Is an affordable Facebook marketing tool. That is to say, their pricing system is pretty much different. In other words, they follow a one-time payment method.

Therefore, you don’t need to pay twice. You can enjoy their services for life long by just paying for once. However, Maherpost Facebook Auto Poster offers a total of three affordable plans.

  • Basic plan ($39): 

    Can use only one Facebook account to post the contents 

  • Plus plan( $49):

    Offers three Facebook accounts to post the contents.
  • Professional plan ($69):

    Can use and post from seven Facebook accounts. Besides, they provide business specialized suggestions, and also premium customer support.

Crowdfire Review

Crowdfire is the Facebook page auto poster software. In other words, Crowdfireapp has many advanced features of the best Facebook Auto Poster software. You can use this on your social media for free.

Besides, you can create 10 schedules per account. And also, can set this as a chrome extension. Therefore, it automatically discovers relevant content on your topics and boosts your post.

Above all, Crowdfire is also known as a Facebook auto poster WordPress tool. It also posts your own blog and online shops.

Moreover, it has some amazing facilities for paid users. That makes this easier to use. Also, it automatically customizes your posts for all social profiles. 

So, your work runs 10 times faster. As a result, your business will spread out very fast. In short, Crowdfire is the best Facebook auto poster 2024.

Special Key Features

  • One of the Facebook auto poster free software.
  • Customize your RSS feed.
  • Make your image curate and shareable.
  • You set a schedule and publish everywhere.
  • Automatically tailored each post for each social media.
  • You can check out your timeline condition on the Queue meter.
  • Build and share customs with your report.
  • Download your PPT and PDF reports.
  • Compare your post with your competitors.
  • Track and monitor every mention, comment, and reply.

Plans and Pricing

Crowdfire plans are very reliable. Besides, you can use it without purchasing any plans. After that, you can't use all features. However, Crowdfire has so many amazing facilities.

That is to say, you have to purchase their plans to use their features. Let’s see those features.

  • Plus (monthly plan- $9.99/month & Yearly Plan-$7.48/month): 

    link 5accounts,100 scheduled posts every day, chrome extension, custom post schedule, video posts support, up to 5 RSS feed, social analytics 30days data, advanced analytics 90days data, post analytics. 


  • Premium (monthly plan- $49.99/month & Yearly Plan-$37.48/month):

    added link 10accounts, bulk schedule posts, set a schedule with calendar view, up to 15 RSS feed, 2 competitors per social account, add & manage 1 profile & team member, email support. 

  • Vip (monthly plan- $99.99/month & Yearly Plan-$74.98/month): 

    include 25accounts link, 800 posts scheduled per day, up to 25 RSS feed, 20 competitors per social account, add & manage 2 profiles & team members, email priority support.
Best Facebook Page AutoPoster SocilaOomph review

SocialOomph is the Facebook auto poster free tool for individual use. That is to say, you can work with only your social media for free. You can post unlimited scheduled content free of cost.

However, SocialOomph provides many advanced features for paid users. You can work with your team. Therefore, you can boost your social media productivity through SocialOomph. It is also known as the Facebook auto poster WordPress tool.

Moreover, you can post a maximum of sixty scheduled contents every hour on every social media. You can also post on your WordPress, Shopify, and Tumblr blogs.

On the other hand, SocialOomph charges an additional fee for each advanced service.

Therefore, you need to pay only for your essential services. For example, add additional social media profiles, blog, associate, team, etc. They also provide free customer support. So, SocialOomph can be considered as one of the best Facebook auto poster 2022.

Special Key Features

  • Facebook auto poster free software.
  • Offer to post unlimited scheduled content
  • Can post sixty scheduled contents every hour
  • Provide Post Queues service
  • Can post on every social media and blog from one place.
  • Also, provide RSS feeds and Webhooks services.

Plans and Pricing

SocialOomph provides Facebook auto poster free trial for 30 days with each paid plan.  As we already know, SocialOomph offers a free plan with limited features.

However, you need to pay for every additional service with a premium plan. You can pay through Credit card or Bitcoin. Besides, they provide three different paid plans monthly and yearly based. Let’s see all of them with their different features.

  • Personal Suite (Free): 

    Add and work with only one social media profile, Post unlimited scheduled contents, and three posts every hour. 

  • Advanced Suite (Monthly Plan-$15/month & Yearly Plan-$162 annually):
    Add and work with only one Social media profile, Team, Blog, RSS feeds, Queue, and unable to add additional services.
  • Professional Suite (Monthly Plan-$25/month & Yearly Plan-$270 annually):

    One Team and Webhook, Ten Social media profile, Five Blogs, RSS feeds and Queues, and able to add additional services.
  • Business Suite (Monthly Plan-$55/month & Yearly Plan-$594 annually): 

    One Team and Webhook, Twenty Social media profile, Ten Blogs, RSS feeds and Queues, and able to add additional services.
AGPoster Review

AGposter is the leading Facebook auto poster tool. Because it has many advanced features. The simple Facebook auto poster offers to post, like, comment, and share on Facebook automatically

Besides, you can post in every joined group at the same time. It doesn’t need any Facebook app ID. Also It  provides campaign and scheduled post statistics. Therefore, You can manage everything in one place.

However, AGposter provides a media library. You can store updates, posts, photos, and videos. Besides, you can schedule posts from the media library. It also posts scheduled wise from YouTube to Facebook

That is to say, it provides training to its premium users. Therefore, you can comfortably use the tool. So,  AGposter can be considered as the best Facebook auto poster.

Special Key Features

  • Best Facebook group auto poster
  • Can post, like, comment, and share automatically.
  • It doesn’t need Facebook or any secret app ID.
  • Provide a statistical dashboard of your campaign and scheduled posts.
  • Can invite friends to groups and pages automatically.
  • Compatible to run background.

Plans And Pricing

AGposter is one of the most affordable Facebook auto poster software. It offers a total of three monthly-based premium plans. However, there are no yearly based plans. Besides, you can switch or upgrade to any plan anytime. It also offers tremendous 24/7 service support. Let me explain the plans in detail.

  • Start From ($2.95/month): 

    You can add only one Facebook Account and get hosting of 10 MB along with all other services. 

  • Best Deal ($4.95/month):
    AGposter offers to add five Facebook Accounts and unlimited hosting services through this plan.
  • Advance ($14.95/month): 
    In this plan, you can add twenty-five Facebook Accounts and get unlimited hosting services along with all other premium services.
RecurPost- Best Facebook Auto Poster Software

RecurPost is the best Facebook auto poster for repeating schedule posts. You can repeat your every scheduled placement. Besides, it provides some advanced features free of cost. However, RecurPost is competitive with every social media. In other words, you can manage posts of every social network from one place through RecurPost. 

Moreover, RecurePost offers a smart scheduler. It automatically figures out the best time to post an update. However, you can do the task manually. Besides, RecurePost offers you to work with your teammates. It also provides a weekly report of minute’s update. 

In short, RecurPost is one of the best Facebook group auto poster containing many advanced features.

Special Key Features

  • Provides bulk scheduling and repeating scheduled posts.
  • Compatible with all social networks.
  • Provides a smart scheduler and advanced content analytics
  • Can create a personal content library.
  • Best time optimizer Facebook auto poster software for every business.
  • Compatible to work with clients and teammates.

Plans And Pricing

RecurePost offers a total of three plans, both yearly and monthly based. However, there is a free plan among them. Besides, RecurePost provides Facebook auto poster free trial for seven days with the rest premium plans. Let’s check them in detail.

  • Standard Plan (Free):

    The plan offers three social accounts and can post twenty contents daily. Besides, you can store a hundred updates and ten-time slots.

  • Medium Plan (Monthly plan- $25/month & Yearly Plan-$20.83/month):
    You can add ten social accounts and can posts forty contents through this plan. Besides, it offers to store a thousand updates and twenty-time slots along with all other features.
  • Large Plan (Monthly plan- $50/month & Yearly Plan-$41.67/month): 
    RecurePost offers to add twenty social accounts and can posts forty contents. You can also store unlimited updates and forty-time slots through this plan.
Best Facebook Poster Tool AgoraPluse Review

Agorapulse is a powerful Facebook auto poster software. Recently, It has been so familiar to  Facebook auto poster managers.

However, it enables agencies, businesses, and marketers to handle their social media wide openly. Such as social media messages, scheduling, and publishing content. Besides, It helps to find out your best influencers. Agorapulse provides you to monitor social channels and get stunning reports as well.

Moreover, Agorapulse is a very safe Facebook auto poster software. Therefore, You can use the auto poster securely and spontaneously. 

Besides, It makes your social media management so easy and comfortable. The root of Agorapulse is its inbox. Also, auto-publishing content makes your work 10 times faster. However, agency customers get special advantages. In short, the Agorapulse Facebook auto poster is certainly one of the best Facebook auto poster software of 2024.

Special Key Features

  • A fully-featured Facebook auto poster.
  • Its social media inbox alongside real-time tracking of messages makes it faster.
  • Widely open to publishing options for scheduling, queued, and re-queued posts.
  • Multi-account task management and keyword filtering.
  • Automatic safety management to avoid accounts of spam.
  • Premium analytics can be delivered in PDF and CSV reports.

Plans and Pricing 

Agorapulse is a SaSS platform. So, it provides monthly basis plans. Besides, the Agorapulse Facebook auto poster offers you four paid plans to choose one from after 28 days of the free trial.

 Moreover, if you pay annually you will be provided with a 35% concession. So, the full figures are given below based on the monthly payment.

  • Medium Plan (99$-per-month):

    10 social profiles, 3 team members, 6 months reporting and 300 active ads per profile are the features of this plan.

  • Large Plan (199$-per-month):

    Get access to 25 social profiles, 6 team members, 24 months reporting, and 600 active ads per profile.
  • X-Large Plan (299$-per-month):

    Will be provided with 40 social profiles, 12 team members, 24  months reporting, and 1,000 active ads per profile.
  • Enterprize plan (499$-per-month):

    You can maintain 70 social profiles, 20 team members, 24 months of reporting, and 2,000 active ads per profile.
Best Facebook Group Auto Poster FBgApp Review

FBgApp is one of the most effective and affordable Facebook auto poster software. In other words, FBgApp is the best Facebook group auto poster software.

 It automatically targets your niche related groups and posts your contents. Moreover, FBgApp can promote your products and services by targeting your niche and customers. Therefore, you don’t need any technical skills.

However, there are many Facebook auto poster software. Each one doesn’t provide you auto-join, like, and comment service. But FBgApp provides these advanced and unique facilities. Besides, It does marketing your brand according to Facebook terms and conditions

So, you don’t need to worry about the Facebook account. In short, FBgApp is the most trusted and advanced Facebook auto poster group.

Special Key Features

  • One of the best Facebook group auto posters.
  • Don’t need any extra skills to use.
  • Get 10X leads and sales.
  • Automatically can join unlimited groups
  • Also, post contents to pages and groups in just one click.
  • 24/7 Customer Support available.


Plans and Pricing

That is to say, the FBgApp Facebook auto poster is the best affordable software. However, their pricing system is different from other Facebook auto poster software.

To clarify, you can purchase and be a lifetime premium member at only $149. Not only that, but also you can post unlimited content every day. Isn’t it cool!

Besides, they provide a free trial for two days. Also, there are two more packages. In short, they offer a total of four packages, including the trial one. So, let’s study them in detail.

  • Trial Package (Free for two days):

    Can post two contents each day

  • Starter Kit ($15 for 15 days):
    Starter Kit ($15 for 15 days):
  • Premium ($30 for 30 days):
    Can post thirty contents each day
  • Deluxe ($149 forever or lifetime):
    Can post unlimited contents every day
Best Facebook Auto Poster Software MeetEdgar Review

MeetEdgar is one of the best Facebook group auto poster software. Also, it offers automation to every social account from one place.

So, you don’t need to switch social accounts frequently. To clarify, It is also one of the best tools for the Facebook page auto poster.

 Besides, you can set unlimited posts according to its schedule. It automatically posts from the library all your social media. 

Moreover, MeetEdgar provides an unlimited content library. Therefore, you can add as many photos and videos as you like. Also, it automatically imports and posts them at the scheduled time.

 So, you don’t need to worry about blog posts, youtube videos, podcasts, etc. MeetEdgar also provides outstanding customer support. In short, MeetEdgar is one of the best social media automation and Facebook auto poster software.

Special Key Features

  • It provides an unlimited content library.
  • Automatically post on every social media at the scheduled time.
  • Stores every content forever, even after posting the content.
  • Send a weekly report of visitors, analytics, clicks, etc.
  • Provide social media automation service.
  • Available as a browser extension
  • Provides link shorten service without any setup.
  • Also, provide tracking service of shortening links.

Plans and Pricing

MeetEdgar offers a Facebook auto poster free trial for seven days with every plan. However, they provide two different monthly based plans. One is Edgar Lite for freelancers and growing companies. Another is Edgar for entrepreneurs and businesses.

That is to say, the basic features and facilities are included with both plans, such as the unlimited content library and scheduled posts, automation, etc.

However, both plans have some differences with their pricing. So, let’s check them.

  • Edgar Lite (Monthly Plan-$19/month):

    can add three social accounts, provides ten automatically recurring time slots every week, and allows four content categories. 

  • Edgar (Monthly Plan-$49/month):

    can add 25 social accounts, provides 1000 automatically recurring time slots every week, and allows unlimited customized content categories.
Best Facebook Auto Poster Software Iconosquare Review

The Iconosquare Facebook auto poster is an earnest and powerful digital social media management tool.

However, it is very different from other Facebook auto poster software. Because it succors you out with the information about your social media accounts performance.

Moreover, Iconosquare supports you to grow better engagement with your audience. As a result, your business keeps growing very fast. So, connect with the Iconosquare Facebook auto poster to enhance your work.

The Iconosquare Facebook auto poster is not packed with hundreds of amazing features. That makes it so easy to use.

Moreover, It makes the onboarding process quick. So you may think, with these limited features Iconosquare is not so powerful. But surprisingly, you’ll be able to track important stats so fast.

Besides, the Iconosquare Facebook auto poster captures facebook analytics and contributes to larger social media reports. For instance, engagement rates, reach to the audience, audience’s impressions, likes, and much more. So, Iconosquare is the quickest Facebook auto poster software.

Special Key Features 

  • A very fast and easy Facebook auto poster.
  • Helps you out to find what is the best time to post to get more engagement.
  • Provides you with the kind of post that your audience likes.
  • Can Identify a post lifespan
  • Get to know about your followers' details that you’d expect.
  • Rolling Months Analysis, content management, competitor benchmark
  • Gained and lost followers information
  • 24/7 customer service.

Plans and Pricing

The Iconosquare Facebook auto poster’s payment method is pretty much different. As a SaSS platform, Iconosquare provides monthly basis plans.

But if you pay annually you can get a discount of 25%. That is to say, it’s pricing is very affordable as it is very cheap compared to others.

So you can purchase it easily within a limited amount of price, they offer 4 plans. And also, all of them include a free trial of 14 days. 

  • Starter Plan (9$-per-month):

    Here you will be provided with one social profile and one team member.

  • Pro Plan (39$-per-month):

    Get access to three social profiles, and two team members are allowed.

  • Advance Plan (79$-per-month):

    Five social media profile access and three team members are provided in this plan.

  • Agency Plan (Contact Vendor):

    Can manage 10 social media profiles and can add unlimited team members. 

Best Facebook Marketing Software OneSoci

OneSoci is a complete package for social media management. In other words, the OneSoci Facebook auto poster is also regarded as an all-rounder. Its most significant advantage is its multi-location availability.

However, the OneSoci Facebook auto poster is also so quick to find your content. Not only this but also in scheduling your posts and advertising your business.

Moreover, OneSoci is one of the mighty Facebook auto posters with some vast features. It has the best solution for multi-location sellers to sell their content.

Besides, OneSoci allows you to publish previously located content. Also, the OneSoci Facebook auto poster delegates you to manage content libraries. 

It also provides social communications and helps to analyze the performance. To sum up, we can say OneSoci is one of the firm and steady Facebook auto poster software of recent years.

Special Key Features

  • A tremendous and all-rounder Facebook auto poster software.
  • Control the whole management from a single and fast dashboard.
  • Grow your sales rapidly using top engagement.
  • Find out suitable and growing content with a simple keyword.
  • Publish content using hundreds of magnificent ready-made templates.
  • Allocate particular roles to your team members, and keep the master power.
  • Full-time Customer service.

Plans and Pricing

OneSoci Facebook auto poster arrives with a very different pricing plan. That is to say, it does not offer you a free trial. But the best thing is you don’t need to pay monthly or annually.

Besides, OneSoci makes the purchase so easy with its one-time investment. You just need to buy it once and then you can use it for a lifetime. That makes the OneSoci so familiar and an auto choice for Facebook auto poster tools users.

 In short, they demand just $97 for the whole agency plan. And offers you-

  • Agency Plan ($97 for a lifetime):
    5 Team members, Run Unlimited Customer’s accounts, pages, groups, and so on.

What Is The Best Facebook Auto Poster Software? 

The Facebook auto poster is a social media marketing tool. That is to say, there are thousands of Facebook auto poster software available.

Each one doesn’t provide the same quality of service. However, we need to choose one that provides a great service at an affordable price. That one is considered the best Facebook auto poster. To clarify, we can make our social media marketing comfortable and grow with the best one.

Moreover, We have already discussed the 10 top Facebook Auto Posters. However, there is also a question in your curious mind. Which one is the best Facebook auto poster among them? Let me clear the question. After deep research, we can consider SocialPilot as the best one.

In other words, PostPartner is the most effective and affordable social media marketing tool among all of them. It provides every advanced feature that you need to comfortably grow yourself. So, I am highly recommend you to choose PostPartner as the best Facebook auto poster 2024.

FAQs: Facebook Auto Poster Software

Does Facebook Penalize Scheduled Posts?

That is to say, this one of those tricky questions mostly we get asked. The quick answer is No. In other words, Facebook has not been penalizing scheduled posts since 2011.

 So, If you are using a third-party tool for auto-post or to schedule posts you don’t need to worry. Besides, these posts from auto posters will perform the same as manually created posts.

How many times a week should a business post on Facebook?

So, firstly you have to keep an active presence on your social media profiles to get more engagement. On the other contrary, if you create posts a lot regularly your followers can get bored by it.

And that can create a negative image of your business. Therefore, the best answer must be between 5 to 7 times a week. So, it will perfectly help you to engage with your followers.

How Can I Post to all groups on Facebook at once?

If you want to post to all groups on Facebook at the once Facebook auto poster is the easiest choice for you. So, this is the correct and spontaneous solution to your problem.

  1. Firstly, Add all the groups to your Facebook Auto Poster Dashboard.

  2. Secondly, Select those groups where you want to share your post

  3. After that, create your post 

  4. Lastly, schedule your post whenever you want to publish.


That is to say, social media promotion is a must to do if you are a social media manager or businessman. However, Social media auto poster tools and Softwares make this process very reliable and easy. Also, we have discussed and reviewed the 10 Best Facebook Auto Poster Software And Tools 2024. Therefore, you must have one of these according to your necessity.

Each of these platforms comes with plenty of functions and features, for instance, automation, schedule, analysis, and monitoring of social media profiles. But these Facebook Auto poster tools work in their own way. Thus, you need to identify which tool fits your business. After that, use the selected tool with it’s best potential to grow your digital business faster.

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