Best Residential Proxies Service in The USA

The best residential proxies in the USA help connect users to the internet smoothly. They act as go-betweens, making online experiences seamless. These proxies with 341,385 real IP addresses from Internet Service Providers, making it seem like users have regular home connections.

What makes these proxies the best are their fast connections, ethical use of IP addresses, and covering users all around the world for quick and trustworthy browsing. Most importantly, these proxies care about user privacy, creating a safe and anonymous online space.

They also let users reach content from different places globally. In the end, the best proxies (residential) improve user experiences with privacy, dependability, and a variety of worldwide options.

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Bright Data

Largest Geographic Coverage
72 million+ Residential IPs
City, ASN and Zip code level targeting
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55M+ ethically-sourced IPs
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99.47% success rate

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Unlimited concurrent sessions
Country & city-level targeting
<0.6s average response time
Rotating and sticky sessions



Residential & Unlocker Proxy
Residential & Unlocker Proxy
Web, SERP, Maps & E-commerce
100 CPM. 22 GB



Residential ISP Proxies
Fastest in the Market
Gather any Data
99% Network Uptime
Dedicate Private Pool


Up to 50GB per month

Free geo-targeting
24/7 support
Dedicated Account Manager

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proxy cheap

0.99/ per Proxy
∞ Bandwidth99
100 Threads
100 Mbps
Dedicated IP address
Country and ISP level targeting

How Residential Proxy Works

proxy server
User Request

You want to check a website or use an online service.

Proxy Intermediary

Your request goes to a residential proxy server, like a middleman between you and the internet.

IP Masking

The residential proxy assigns an authentic IP address from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to your request. This makes it appear as if you are accessing the internet from a residential location.

Varied Geographical Access

Proxies can let you access content from different places worldwide, helping you get around location restrictions

Web Interaction

The proxy sends your request to the website or service you want to use.

Data Retrieval

The website processes your request and sends back the info you asked for to the proxy

Seamless Experience

All of this happens smoothly. The website thinks your request comes from a regular home connection, keeping things private and secure.

Proxy Response

The residential proxy assigns an authentic IP address from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to your request. This makes it appear as if you are accessing the internet from a residential location.

For a reliable and secure online experience, go for trusted providers like Bright Data, NetNut, Smartproxy, Nimbleway, etc. as the best residential proxies in the USA. Buy a residential proxy that assures consistent performance and security for all your online needs.

Why Use A United States Residential Proxy Server

Let’s deep dive into the benefits of using a United States residential proxy server

Accessing Specific Content

View content available only to U.S. users, like shows, news, or restricted content limited to certain regions within the United States.

Researching Markets

Pretend to be in the U.S. for online research, gaining insights into how American consumers behave.

Checking Ad Accuracy

Confirm if online ads and campaigns work correctly in the U.S. by pretending to be in a U.S. residential location, ensuring accurate results.

Monitoring Search Results

Keep an eye on search engine results from a U.S. residential perspective, which is especially useful for businesses targeting a U.S. audience and tracking SEO efforts.

Managing Social Media

Effectively handle U.S.-focused social media accounts and campaigns by accessing them through a U.S. residential proxy server.

Testing Online Stores

Improve and test online stores for the U.S. market, ensuring a smooth online shopping experience for customers in the United States.

Data Collection and Scraping

Gather information from U.S.-based websites for various purposes through static residential proxies, such as analyzing markets, studying competitors, or academic research.

Privacy and Security Boost

Increase online privacy and security by using a residential proxy with a genuine U.S. IP address, protecting personal information and online activities.

Checking Website Performance

Test how well websites work for U.S. users, ensuring quick loading times and smooth functionality for visitors in the United States.

Our Client Talked About Services

Bright Data's support team was really helpful. They guided me through a problem I had for a while. Because of their dedication, I didn't ask for a refund, and now I trust their system.

Poppy Tipper

Smartproxy is easy to use, with many region options and a useful API. It's very reliable. The support is great, and the prices are fair. The website is also clean and easy for users. Highly recommended.

Natasha Thorby

I find Proxy-Seller really special because it offers diverse plans and rental periods. They provide both IPv4 and IPv6, which is quite rare but incredibly helpful. Their technical support is there all the time, ensuring I get proxies that work well. It's my go-to choice for various needs.

Jessica Andersen

I had a big issue with country IP checks, and then a friend recommended Nimbleway. Getting started was easy, and making payments was simple with a pay-as-you-go option. The browser extension worked really well, and I liked how their customer support was always ready to help. Nimbleway truly helped me out.

Sarah Barnes

Proxy-Cheap is my go-to for grabbing quality proxies without burning a hole in my pocket. Their dashboard? It's my special tool for managing things effortlessly. And those rotating residential proxies they offer? Total game-changer – no more annoying restrictions messing with my day-to-day. Love it!

Hudson Buggy

InstantProxies is cool because it's cheap and has advanced controls, mostly for the U.S., and good for regular browsing and Amazon. Plus, it's got proxy authentication and unlimited bandwidth for a smooth experience. Great experience.

Chelsea Thwaites


How Can I Choose the Best Residential Proxy for My Needs?

When picking a residential proxy in the USA, look at things like how fast it is, what privacy features it has, if it covers the whole world, and what other users say about it.

What Applications Benefit from Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies come in handy for tasks like collecting information from websites, keeping an eye on SEO performance, checking online ads, testing e-commerce websites, and more.

Can I use other types of proxies for the same purposes?

Residential proxies are better because they use genuine IP addresses, which makes websites less likely to block or blacklist them. They're more reliable and work well for getting around regional restrictions.

How do I create residential proxies?

Creating residential proxies includes using a network of devices in residential areas through a service provider. Changing online identities is key, and this is done through IP rotation, which provides different addresses.

Are residential proxies for sale legal?

Yes, residential proxies for sale are legal. However, ethical use is crucial. Any misuse, especially for illegal activities, can result in legal consequences.