5 Best Group Leads Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated January 4, 2023

Are you looking for the best Group Leads Alternatives? There are a lot of Group Leads alternatives available. But all are not good. Don’t worry. I’m going to review some Facebook group management software. 

From all of them, I’m highly recommend GroupKit. Let’s find out the best one.

What is the Best Group Leads Alternatives?

Here is the top picks for the best Group Leads Alternatives . 

GroupKit is a group leads alternatives

Groupkit is very popular as best group leads alternatives. However, it has advanced Group CRM technology. Besides, this will help you to high-powered covert revenue generate machine. 

Moreover, this is accurate lead generation software. Because it can easily capture leads from your Facebook group. And its price is meager that you can compare other lead collecting software. Also, You can set up this software with three simple steps. 

Special Key Benefits

  • Collect new members' e-mail with one click
  • Track and manage every group member with CRM technology
  • Long term accurate re-targeting
  • Connect group within seconds with advanced technology
  • Affiliate opportunity
  • Get quality lead

Plans And Pricing

The Group kit has two price and planning packages. However, it gives you a 14-day free trial opportunity. And you can cancel it anytime after subscription. Let's discuss the packages:

  • Groupkit Basic

    Group kit Basic price is $34 per month. Here you can include one Facebook group, 300 members approval per month. And you will get access private Facebook group community. 

  • Groupkit Pro

    These are very advanced packages. However, It has included unlimited Facebook groups and unlimited group members. Besides, Groupkit's price is $48 per month. Finally, You can add 15 additional members and access a private Facebook group.


GroupFunnel is known as one of the best lead generation tools. However, this is much more popular for group leads competitors. 

Besides, it helps you get more leads from your Facebook groups. It can save you time. Because you don't need to collect leads manually. It can also capture the lead with just one click. 

Moreover, GroupFunnel has a free google chrome extension. It is effortless to co-operate your work through extension. This tool is also used for Facebook group management software. It can make your job easier and save you valuable time.

Special Key Benefits

  • Can collect lead more than 1500 groups
  • Opportunity to collect unlimited e-mail from members
  • Easy and quick steps for using group funnels
  • Have a Google chrome extension
  • 24/7 Customer support service

Plans And Pricing

GroupFunnel doesn't have separate price and planning packages. However, they are very straightforward. The GroupFunnel has just one plan at this moment. And you have to pay a $297 one-time payment for this package.

After subscription, you can get all the features. And get the private Facebook group for premium support. You can cancel your subscription when you want. But you have to give the proper reason. 

GroupConvert is the best groupLeads alternative

GroupConvert is known as the best group leads alternatives. However, it is the trusted lead collector software from Facebook. This software also helps your Facebook group grow, capture leads, and sell your product. 

Moreover, you can add this software as a Google Chrome extension. It is mainly made for all Facebook group owners and lead generation workers. 

Special Key Benefits

  • Google Chrome extension available
  • Excel sheet integration for every lead
  • Pre-written message before joining a Facebook group
  • Access the exclusive Facebook group community
  • 24/7 customer support service

Plans And Pricing

GroupConvert offers three different pricing plans. It also provides a 14-day of free trial opportunity. 

However, their two plans are monthly based, and the other is a lifetime deal. Let's discuss the plans and pricing:

  • Starter Lite Plan

    Firstly, Starter lite plan is mainly used for a single Facebook group. It costs $10 per month. E-mail support, free training, 1 excel sheet integration are added with this package.

  • Sliver Plan

    Secondly, The silver plan will be $17 per month. It can be used for three different Facebook groups. Here are also attached the E-mail support, free training, 3 excel sheet integration.

  • Lifetime Executive Plan

    Thirdly, It is a lifetime plan with a one-time payment that costs only $197 one time. You can add an unlimited Facebook group. However, here are unlimited excel sheet integration and many more. 


GroupBoss is very famous for its Facebook group monitoring tool. However, it is a professional site like best Group Leads Alternatives

Besides, this is the number one CRM platform for both Facebook group owners and community leaders. Its feature attracts the most. The price is also meager than its premium features. Again, You can read more about review of GroupBoss here. 

Special Key Benefits

  • Can create a custom and lookalike audience from your Facebook group members
  • Possible to pass information to your favorite e-mail marketing software. 
  • Can create an unlimited lead from your Facebook group.
  • Instant chat support and money-back guarantee opportunity
  • 24/7 customer support service

Plans And Pricing

GroupBoss has three pricing packages. It gives seven days of free trial opportunities in each plan. And also provide the 14 days money-back guarantee opportunity. Let's discuss the price plan of the Group boss:

  • GroupBoss Monthly

    Firstly, It is a monthly package for the group boss. However, you have to pay $19 per month. You can add up to 2 groups, create a Facebook custom, and lookalike audience.

  • GroupBoss Yearly

    Secondly, It is the yearly package of GroupBoss. You have to pay $99 per year. Here you can add 3 Facebook groups unlimited autoresponder. Also ,here are  possible to make a custom and lookalike audience from Facebook.
  • GroupBoss Yearly (Unlimited)

    Finally, It is another yearly package of GroupBoss. Its price is very high. But here you will get unlimited features. Its price is $189 per year. Here you can attach an unlimited Facebook group. And also get many more premium services.


GroupCollector is another group lead alternative

GroupCollector is another best group leads alternatives. However, you can collect emails from your Facebook group members. After collecting, you can add this to your email marketing software 

Moreover, this is useful software for lead generation. If you are dependent on group leads, try to avoid & find alternatives. Group collector is the best option for you.

Special Key Benefits

  • Create a Facebook custom audience from your Facebook group
  • Connect unlimited Facebook group and approve unlimited member
  • Save members lead in the Google sheet
  • Access exclusive Facebook group
  • Automatic lifetime software updates

Plans And Pricing

Group collector has two price packages. One is monthly, and another is a lifetime deal. And you will get a seven-day free trial opportunity and 14 days money-back guarantee. So, let's know the details of the price plan:

  • Pro Plan

    At first, It is a monthly plan of group collectors. You have to pay $25 with vat per month. Here, you can add an unlimited Facebook group, approve unlimited members, google sheet, and autoresponder integration.

  • Enterprise Plan

    Then, It is a lifetime deal plan of a group collector. Here you need to pay a $297 one-time payment. The package is similar to the pro plan. But the difference is the package durability. 

Group Leads Alternatives: FAQs

What is GroupLeads extension?

GroupLeads extension helps people manage their leads and prospects. It allows them to keep track of the people they are speaking with, what stage of the sales process they are in, and any notes about the conversation. GroupLeads also makes it easy to share leads with other team members. So, everyone can stay up-to-date on potential sales opportunities.

This extension is an excellent help for sales teams who need to keep track of many potential customers. It's easy to use and helps organize all of the information about each lead into one place. Also, It can be beneficial to determine which leads are most likely to convert into sales.

Are Group Leads Free?

Group leads are not free. But it offers seven days of a free trial that can be a valuable resource for your business. It can also help you connect with new customers and grow your business. After the trial period, you are entitled to 100% of your money back if it does not fit your business.

How to install Group Leads?

Group Leads is a popular add-on to collect group leads. It allows you to manage and monitor your team's conversations more effectively. Let’s check the installation process of Group Leads.

  1. Open Chrome web store and search for Group Leads Extension

  2. Now, click “Add to Chrome.”

  3. After that, click “Add Extension.”

  4. Within the next few seconds, the installation will be completed.

  5. Now, you can find the Group Leads Logo on your extension tray.

Is GroupLeads better than GroupFunnels?

In a short, There is no easy answer to this question, as it depends on what features and functionality you are looking for in a group management tool. GroupLeads offers a wide range of features, while GroupFunnels is more focused on providing a simple, streamlined experience. 


Lead generation is essential to work. It helps to grab the customer's information and generate more sales. 

Nowadays, you can collect leads from your Facebook Group. However, Group leads is one of the best lead generation software. But most people won't use Group leads. And they are trying to find the Group leads alternatives. So, I'm highly recommend you to use GroupFunnels as your FB group leads generation software. 

Here I discuss 5 Best Group Leads Alternatives and Competitors for 2024. Each software will help you grow your Facebook group and collect valuable leads to generate sales. 

So, read the details of every tool deeply. Then, decide between buying your lead generation tool. You can also share the fantastic guide with your friends.

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