10 Best Automation Tools for Groups on Facebook

   By: Marketer Rakib
Updated January 6, 2023
Are you looking for the best automation tools for groups on Facebook? If the answer is “Yes” then you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of automation tools for groups on the Facebook extensionavailable. But all are not good.

Don’t worry. I’m going to review some Facebook Group Lead Automation tools here. Let’s find out the best one.

What is The Best Automation Tools for Groups on Facebook?

Here is the top picks for the best Facebook groups automation tools. 

groupfunnels is a tools for Facebook group automation

GroupFunnels is a unique Facebook funnel platform that helps businesses create and optimize marketing campaigns. It offers various features, including automatic lead capture and email marketing software integration. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. It is also easy to use, even for those not technologically savvy.

So, GroupFunnels is a highly recommended automation tool for groups on Facebook. Though there are a lot of GroupFunnels alternatives available. 

Special Key Benefits

  • Automatic lead capture and email marketing integration
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Social proof tracking
  • Custom landing pages
  • Extension available

Plans And Pricing

GroupFunnels doesn’t provide any free trial. But it offers a premium plan that charges only $297. So, it is the most affordable automation tool for Facebook groups.

SocialPilot for Facebook Group Post Automation

SocialPilot is a social media marketing tool that helps users track and analyze their social media accounts. It includes tools to manage and monitor posts, create custom reports, and connect with customers on social media.

Besides, it is the best automation tool for groups on Facebook. You can schedule and publish your post on every social media. It also offers in-depth engagement and performance reports.

Special Key Benefits

  • Robust scheduling and publishing tool
  • Insightful analytics and reports 
  • Bulk scheduling
  • User-friendly interface and dashboard
  • Easy to use

Plans And Pricing

SocialPilot offers 14 days of free trial and four premium plans, Agency, Studio, Small team, and Enterprise. You can also save 15% instantly by annual plans.

GroupKit is a group CRM technology

GroupKit is a group CRM technology that allows businesses to manage their groups of employees more effectively. It lets businesses manage group chats, projects, tasks, and calendars efficiently.

Groupkit offers many features that allow businesses better to understand their employees’ work habits and needs. 

Besides, Groupkit is a new Facebook group lead automation tool that helps groups manage their membership and communication. 

It works with groups of any size and can help groups stay organized and communicate more effectively.

Special Key Benefits

  • Powerful CRM technologyl
  • Track and manage every member 
  • Collect member's emails with one click
  • Email autoresponder
  • Best ROI with paid ads

Plans And Pricing

GroupKit offers two premium plans along with 14 days of a free trial. It also provides 14 days of a money-back guarantee.

Groupleads is a Facebook group automation tool

Looking to run your group more efficiently? Check out GroupLeads! This Facebook group automation tool lets you do everything from setting up automated messages to managing member roles and interactions.

So whether you need a way to keep your group running on schedule, increase participation, and heighten engagement, GroupLeads can help!

It is also an excellent tool for helping you organize your groups. You can schedule messages, post reminders, and events, and manage membership all from one place.

In short, GroupLeads is the fastest-growing Facebook group lead automation tool. Also, check the best Group Leads alternatives and competitors

Special Key Benefits

  • Automatic lead collection
  • Unlimited membership auto-approval
  • Automatic welcome post and message
  • Chrome extension available
  • Autoresponder integrations

Plans And Pricing

GroupLeads offers monthly and annual basis three paid tools, Starter, Pro, and Unlimited. It also provides 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

GroupBoss is another best group facebook automation tool

GroupBoss is another best Facebook group automation tool that allows users to easily manage groups of administrators and members. It provides exclusive features such as scheduling posts, sending notifications, and managing group membership. Here, you can learn about GroupBoss review.

Besides, GroupBoss also allows users to manage and track group activity, post updates, and announcements, and keep track of member activity.

It also offers a variety of features to help group leaders and members to manage and communicate more effectively.

Special Key Benefits

  • Schedule posts to be published on specific days and times.
  • Manage member lists and group members.
  • Keep track of group activity, post updates, and announcements.
  • Send unlimited notifications to multiple groups with a single click.
  • Collect unlimited leads
  • Post announcements and keep track of member activity with ease.  

Plans And Pricing

GroupBoss offers a 7-day free trial and three premium plans, GroupBoss Monthly, GroupBoss Yearly, GroupBoss Yearly (Unlimited). It also provides 14 days of a money-back guarantee.


GroupConvert is one of the most popular automation tools for groups on Facebook. However, it will help you to grow your group quickly. And this can also capture quality leads from your Facebook group and help sell products. 

Moreover, GroupConvert has a Google Chrome extension. You can make your e-mail list with full automation. It is possible to manage a Facebook group through GroupConvert. And its price is affordable for everyone.

Do you wanna know about Facebook group management software?  Then learn about best Facebook group management software here.

Special Key Benefits

  • Collect quality leads
  • Build e-mail quickly
  •  ListTrack Facebook group member's activity
  • Affiliate Opportunity

Plans And Pricing

GroupConvert offers a 14-day free trial opportunity. It has three pricing plans- Starter Plan, Silver, and Lifetime Executive. The prices are-$10, $17 & $97 respectively.

 groupcollector is a facebook group lead autamation software

GroupCollector is known as the Facebook Group lead automation software. However, it allows you to collect new Facebook group members' answers. You can save this with Google sheets.

There is no need to use Zapier. You can use this software in an unlimited Facebook group.

Moreover, you can filter your audience in GroupCollector. Because it allows you to generate an FB custom audience for approved members. It helps you in your next campaign. So, it is known as a powerful CRM technology.

Special Key Benefits

  • Lifetime access to group collector
  • Connect unlimited Facebook Group
  • Approve unlimited Facebook group members
  • Save group members' data
  • Generate FB custom audience

Plans And Pricing

GroupCollector gives you a 7-day free trial and 14 days money-back opportunity. It has a monthly plan and a lifetime deal.


The PilotPoster is one of the best Facebook auto poster software. However, you can post all groups at once with just one click. Post schedule options are also available in the PilotPoster. You will get an auto joiner and auto post repeater. 

Moreover, you can easily save your post caption in your PilotPoster dashboard. There are available to see the post report of the PilotPoster. It also has a powerful post editor and a way to see the live post review.

Special Key Benefits

  • Publish post everywhere at a time
  • Schedule unlimited content
  • Publish categorize content
  • Real-time performance report
  • Unlimited support

Plans And Pricing

PilotPoster gives you three days of free trial opportunity. Besides, it has three pricing plans basic, premium, and professional. The price is affordable for everyone.


SocialChamp is one of the best social media management tools. However, you can create multiple social media accounts here.

You can easily track analytics. Besides, SocialChamp helps you to improve ROI. You can also simplify and automate the content. 

Moreover, the SocialChamp is best for e-commerce, health, startups, influencers, agencies, etc. You can also schedule the post on every social media. Its auto post RSS feed helps you to grow your content.

Special Key Benefits

  • Engagement tracking
  • Campaign and content management
  • Multi-Account management
  • ROI tracking
  • Social media monitoring

Plans And Pricing

You can use SocialChamp free and paid method, giving you a 7-day free trial opportunity. It also has three paid plans- champion, business, and agency. Each plan has a yearly and monthly plan.


Crowdfire is a popular social media management tool. It will help you manage and schedule all your content in one place.

Crowdfire discovers category-based content on your interest topic. And the big thing is it will automatically customize posts for every social media.

Moreover, it has 19 million+ users all over the world. It will be your best automation tool for groups on Facebook. It can boost up your Facebook group and collect quality leads.

Special Key Benefits

  • Automated publishing for all social media
  • Brand tracking
  • Content management
  • Multi-Account management
  • Pre-post scheduling

Plans And Pricing

Crowdfire gives you a free use opportunity. Besides, it has three paid plans plus, premium and VIP. You can also use this for both monthly and yearly packages.

Common Questions

How do I automate a Facebook group Post?

There are a few ways to automate Facebook group posts. You can automate your Facebook group post through your Facebook group. You can also use automation tools for groups on Facebook to get the best result. 

However, you can use GroupFunnels, SocialPilot, etc., to manage your social media accounts in one place. I’ve mentioned the best automation tools for the Facebook group in the article. So, you can use one of them to automate Facebook group posts.

How do I scrape a Facebook group member?

A Facebook group member is your asset. It is the lead for your business. So, you have to scrap the Facebook group members to collect leads.

You can scrap this on through some tools. It is possible to scrape the Facebook group members with just one click and collect it on the google sheet or autoresponder.

Does Facebook allow automation?

Yes, Facebook allows automation. Facebook made this your work easier and more effective.

There is no problem with automation in Facebook if you are not breaking the rules. So, don't worry; Facebook allows automation.


Above all, if you want to generate leads from FB groups automatically then you have to use the best automation tool for groups on Facebook. I hope you’ve gotten a details review of the best Facebook Group Lead Generation tools.

By the way, I highly recommend you try GroupFunnels to collect leads from your Facebook group.

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